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About Me


  • Loyola University Chicago 1992 B.S. Legal Administration
  • Golden Gate University School of Law J.D. 2000
  • Member in good standing with the State Bar of Hawaii since April 2001
  • Member in good standing with the State Bar of North Carolina since October 2014
  • A.A. Paralegal (A.B.A Approved) 1992


  • August 2017-Present Criminal Justice Professor 
  • August 2014-Present Magistrate Henderson County
  • April 2014-August 2014 Deputy Clerk Estates Division Clerk of Superior Court Henderson County 
  • October 2001-April 2012 Hawaii Office of the Prosecuting Attorney, County of Hawai'i
  • October 2000-October 2001 Legal Aid Society of Hawaii 
  • January 1999-July 1999 Palau National Congress Senate 
  • February 1998-September 1998 San Francisco Public Defender 
  • October 1993-July 1997 Minton, Burton, Foster & Collins
  • August 1992-August 1993 Kelly Olson, Rogan & Siepker 
  • November 1988-May 1990 Lake County Public Defender 

The Platform

Law Enforcement

I am running for the law enforcement officers whose hard work often goes in vain when prosecutors don't prosecute. 

Victims of Crime

I am running for the victims who don't get the justice and protection they deserve. 


I am running for the citizens who deserve much more from their hard-earned tax dollars. 


Law Enforcement

Officers put their lives on the line everyday they are on duty. A simple traffic stop can be dangerous. They never know who they are going to encounter or what type of weapon(s) the person may be carrying. They work long hours investigating cases and making arrests. Felony cases can involve hours of paperwork in order for the case to be ready for prosecution. 

Under my administration, deals will not be made with defense attorneys without consulting with the officer who is involved in the case. Moreover, cases will not be dismissed without the officer being informed first and given a reason to why the case is being dismissed. When an officer's testimony will be needed, unlike today's practice, I will make sure the officer is subpoenaed in advance, not simply told in the morning to be in court later that day. This practice will give the officer and the assistant DA the time they need to prepare for the case.

My office will work closely with law enforcement to see that justice is done. After all this is a team effort. 

Victims of Crime

Often a person who is a victim of a crime has never had any involvements with the court system. It is a totally foreign and sometimes scary experience. Under my administration, victims will be informed of the status of their cases from the first appearance in district court until sentencing. The assistant ADA assigned to the case will work closely with the victim, helping them navigate the system and understand the process. Just as with law enforcement officers, victims will be asked for input before any plea offers issue. If a case has to be dismissed, the victim will be informed as to why. 

 My goal is to be a voice for our victims and hold offenders accountable. 


Citizen's hard-earned tax dollars pay for the District Attorney and the staff. They deserve strong, competent representation from the District Attorney. It is the job of the District Attorney to help protect the community from violent offenders.

 Currently, the District Attorney's office is effectively closed to the public. The only way a member of the public can get into the office is to make an appointment. I believe that since this is a public office, it should be open to the public during regular business hours. It is important to establish a good relationship with the community and keep communication open. I intend to have staff available to answer questions and if for some reason they can't, to direct the person to someone who can assist them. 

My focus will be to establish strong ties in our communities, in order to keep our citizens safe.


Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals. Every donation is appreciated. 

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